In addition to the rebuilding of the Church, SPIRIT Place will be a mixed-use facility that reflects the theology and programs of the congregation and also responds to the growing needs of seniors in our community.

The new facility will meet the space requirements of the Church, provide comfortable and supportive living accommodations for seniors, and provide flexibility in the future that could house non-profit tenants, all in keeping with the Church’s vision. These groups will each enjoy a sense of community within a community, and as a combined group, encompass the wider neighborhood.

SPIRIT Place will provide a warm and welcoming environment for seniors, congregation members and visitors alike. Modest accommodations will be integrated with, and accessible to, a vibrant Church setting and will be designed to support affordability, safety and security. Tenant services in the building will be organized to support aging-in-place. The goal will be to create a unique community for the Church while promoting socialization for those seniors living on site.

St. John’s United Church will “reach out” and embrace all tenants, visitors and community members, of all faiths. In particular, St. John’s will affirm the rights of GLBT (gay, lesbian, bisexual, and trans-gendered) persons who may wish to take up residence to equal consideration and respect. SPIRIT Place will provide a new home and base from which the Church will continue to live out its mission and vision in the community.

The acronym “SPIRIT” captures key aspects of the redevelopment:


Seniors’ residence that fills a gap in our community


Public and community engagement in the project


Inclusive and welcoming to all; an Affirming Complex


Respect for the Earth;
“green” complex


Intergenerational; an opportunity for generations to interact


Transformational; a new model for church and community